Employees' Rights and Compensation

Shannon Semi aspires to be a responsible employer that gives no consideration to an employee’s origin, nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other designation. We are committed to creating a caring, inclusive and people-oriented culture for our employees.

Career Development

We place great importance on the development of our employees. Shannon Semi shares a culture where individuals and teams can fulfil their potential and ambitions and be rewarded in a fair and adequate way based on performance and competence. We also advocate a continuous learning culture. 

Health and Well-being

Shannon Semi strives to be a responsible employer that offers a healthy, friendly and meaningful place to work. We encourage our employees to establish a personal-professional balanced lifestyle and offers  annual medical examination to our people.


Energy Saving and Carbon Neutrality

The goal of carbon neutralization cannot be achieved without extensive participation. We believe that the most practical and precise way to carbon neutrality is to reduce unnecessary energy consumption by efficiency improvement. The industrial and information revolutions led us to the modern-day prosperity, where semiconductor plays a key role in it. Shannon Semi is committed to enabling the semiconductor industry and to empowering the intelligent society, and finally to the carbon neutrality.

Shannon Semi’s Environmental Awareness

 The need to protect the environment is more prevalent than ever. As a tech firm, Shannon Semi doesn’t generate solid, gaseous nor liquid pollutants from its business cycles, while Shannon Semi attached importance on the conservation of resources and prevention of pollution as well. We take the lead in effective use of resources, like air-conditioning control and resource recycling.


Giving Back to Society

Shannon Semi believes in doing more than just retailing products. We are committed to having more of a positive impact on those around us while we undergo corporate growth. Our responsibility is to give back to society. Therefore, we consistently donate to organizations such as senior citizens’ charities, orphanages, and local Red Cross branches.

Shannon Semi believes that that every child deserves education, hope and opportunity, and it’s a culture’s duty to take care of its youngsters.  Shannon Semi has participated in the local Children’s Day donation, making the love for children grow stronger.