Mission VISION values


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We provide sustainable and long-term benefits to our shareholders

It is our fiduciary duty to provide sustainable and long-term benefits to our shareholders through collectively innovation and improvement of operational efficiency. We create stable benefits through steady management activities and enhance the company’s market value. Moreover, we respect our shareholders’ rights, reasonable demands and ideas.


We forecast,listen to, and anticipate our customers’ needs

At Shannon Semi, customers come first. We listen to, learn about and anticipate our customers’ needs. Furthermore, we fulfill our customer commitments with simplicity, clarity and speed. We nurture partnerships and foster growing ecosystems.


We prioritize teamwork and pioneer to collective success

We are truthful, diligent, and transparent, and act with uncompromising integrity. We work as a team and our ultimate pursuit is collective success. Thus we value and nurture passionate, talented, and inclusive teams. Shannon Semi also believes that tolerance for failure is the best incentive for continuous innovation. We encourage our teams to explore technological, commercial, and management innovation, as well as risk and benefits sharing.


We work to build innovation fundamentals for our partners.

Shannon Semi appreciates its partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and other parties. We believe that while we achieve our own success, we should also help our partners to achieve their success. Constructing innovation fundamentals for achieving success and attaining co-prosperity with our partners is meaningful and inspiring.


We are committed to becoming a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Shannon Semi performs basic obligations faithfully as an enterprise citizen, works hard for safe employment creation and sincerely understands the responsibility of tax payments. We make an effort to promote the human welfare via commercial, technological and social approaches. We also actively participate in social service activities like charity donation, children caring, disaster relief, etc.


We strive to conduct our business in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Shannon Semi complies with international standards concerning environmental protection, related acts and subordinate statute and internal regulations. We make constant efforts for environmental protection in all business activities such as investment, distribution, storage and logistic, etc. We take the lead in Tech-for-Good, striving to save energy and reduce inefficient waste by providing the world reliable and leading-edge technologies.