Distribution and Integrated Service

Shannon Semi’s distribution platform UFCT is a franchiser who is authorized by the world first class CPU and memory manufactures (MediaTek and SK Hynix) in the meantime in mainland China. The cooperation with the domestic custmers from cloud service to ODM industries, makes UFCT enjoys a reliable reputation in the market, and could always meet customers' comprehensive needs for quality and supply continuity. UFCT also provides information, pre-sales and post-sales and operational services to our partners during our business, such as demand feedbacks for manufactures, shipment and storage coordination for our customers. 

Collaborative Innovation

Specialized in semiconductor sector, Shannon Semi’s investment team is composed of industry leaders and has invested in a comprehensive portfolio including a range of excellent companies. From IC design, sealing, testing to the equipment, our portfolios are energized by their entrepreneurship, commercialize capacity and cutting-edge techs, paly leading roles in their own domain. Shannon Semi advocates collaborative innovation, also invest with professionalism and long-termism.

Enabling the industry

Shannon Semi is committed to making full use of its own, and its partners’ comprehensive advantages to promote collaborative innovation and success for our licensers, customers, portfolios and partners. Shannon Semi’s collaborative innovation, distribution and integrated services keep upgrading the ways of innovation, business and operation via promoting the sharing of knowledge, information and capital within and beyond the industry. To make each enterprise grows faster in their own domain but coexist with each other at the same time, Shannon Semi is enabling the industry by promoting the efficiency of innovation, production and transaction of the semiconductor industry.